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This is the official document of TerraCraft. Please choose a language to view the document.
At present, the document provides Mod API interfaces and a simple Mod development tutorial. If you want to develop your own Mod in TerraCraft, please read the Mod development tutorial carefully.
The ultimate goal of TerraCraft is to support a large number of mods in the INFINITE world. Let everyone make this game together is always the development concept of this fan game. The official update of game content is mainly done by writing mods. Every official mods is open source, you can join the official mod development team to show your great idea, or make your own mod by learning our open source mods!


TerraCraftX (TCX) project is a mod package collection. We welcome everyone to make your own mods, integrate your modules into TCX to share your mods with others!
Last modified 2yr ago